“If he can afford the price of the ticket, the nomad comes and goes with the seasons of his desire."


Here you can find current things I am working on in the realm of ART......check for updates of my spontaneous creations!
<3 Michele


This was the month of using heat to my advantage-even in the dead of winter. My life was seriously dedicated to it. What a fun way to transform an image to your liking. Directly based off of images from a 50's housewife magazine I had lying around from a antique spree years ago, I made use of them the way I was hoping to one day do when I bought them.  I Think of this as a new method of collaging and certainly a new (to me) way to have a one of a kind antiqued image at your fingertips!

I did a several series of about 20 in each. Some are straightforward, more narrative 50's inspired while some others took a more abstracted route and look more like my paintings. ENJOY!

and then it gets abstract......

more coming soon!!!