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Friday, February 19, 2010

Lord Hobo & the Stones

On our recent overnight stay in Cambridge, this was the last stop before hitting 93 South and heading home the next day. Dimly lit with a red glow hitting the outside brick, we knew we had found Lord Hobo even with no sign visible to the eye. Greeted by a host holding back some very lush red velvet draperies, we entered into the very austere red and black dining room and took our seats at a minimalist designed raised table. We had read in 'The Dig' earlier that day that there was a Stone beer tasting going on (20 Different kinds on draught!) so although we usually get lost when driving in Boston, we found our way to this table with ease.

We decided on the charcuterie plate of the night, which consisted of foie gras, pheasant terrine, head cheese, and chicken liver pate, some tasty baguette, and a single cornichon (we were under the impression there would be more pickles and veg....), all for only $10! Because we were still hungry we also got an order of moules frites (which came with a tasty side of garlic aioli) which satisfied our hunger as we sipped on our flight of new Stone brews. As expected a few of the beers we tried struck chords in our taste buds...namely the 2009 Double Dry Hopped Double Bastard , Levitation Ale (hoppy, although wimpy abv. of 4.4%), and Arrogant Bastard aged in bourbon barrels. It's unbelievable how many different kinds of Arrogant Bastards exist out there! As for non-Stone choices, Green Flash hop head red and Lost Abbey devotion (belgian style pale ale) deliciously hit the spot while we waited for the truck that was carrying the other 10 kegs of Stone we hadn't tried to arrive.
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  1. So glad you cats made it to Lord Hobo, i've been dying to check it out. Lets not forget the mojo risin' we had at Grendel's Den, super yummy!