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Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting WIRED with IPAs

IPA's are one of our favorite beers. Add more alchohol and hops and you get a bigger badder version of the beer. So for the first beer tasting we thought we would do an imperial/double IPA tasting. We thought it would be fun to taste the beers and then relate it to a character in the HBO show 'The Wire' because we are obsessed with the show right now and devouring the third season. For those that haven't had the opportunity to watch the greatness that is 'The Wire', it is a crime drama based in the gritty streets of Baltimore that follows everyone from the low-level drug dealer to the Mayor and their relationship to crime in the city. We tried the beers with our roommate J. who is not only an expert in beer consumption but also a fellow 'Wire' fan. So without any further ado here are some reviews and our opinions about which beer we think correspond with each character.........

 Stoudts Double IPA - 10 % abv. Using Warrior hops to create a pretty balanced bottle conditioned double IPA. Michele described it as "honey bitter apples" . Someone else described it as a "creamsicle soaked in hops". For such a strong beer the alchohol is well hidden and makes a good beer.

Omar "The Robin-Hood". The street warrior that holds a sweet side just as much as he'll put a shotgun in your face. You want him on your side but wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Humorous with it's own galavanting way; the street warrior of the ipa's we tasted.

Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA- 10% abv.  A beer we've tried before but thought we'd try again in this tasting- and it did not dissapoint.  Hops, alchohol and spiciness were all apparent and not a bad thing.  J. remarked how it was the lightest of the beers we've tested. Also very crisp and clean tasting as Michele said it was a "kiss of bitterness".

Lieutenant Daniels- The no nonsense boss for McNulty and co. Likes to get in people's face just like the bitterness and crispness the leviathan does. Daniels is short and to the point like the hops and the bitterness in the beer. Plus they both have ridiculous abs, trust me.

Stone Ruination IPA 7.7 % abv. Another IPA classic that we have all tasted before. A classic "big" IPA with all the usual characteristics; nice hops, nice biterness.  J. said the beer was intoxicating. And Luke felt it was big and brash with a bitter finish. Even though it wasn't as good as Michele remembered it, still a a quality IPA.

Stringer Bell- The smooth on the outside gangster with a harsh tough inside. He's looking to win you over and if not- fuck you up, which this beer could definitely accomplish. Watch out for their arrogant logical outside- they're dangerous.

McNeill's Warlord Imperial IPA- 8.5% abv. A new IPA for all of us. A more malty IPA then were used to which added a little more sweetness. Someone described it as "fuck'n wierd". Also has a strong aftertaste that was bearable. The price was right for the bomber ($5.70) but not the best of the bunch.
Jimmy McNulty- The drunk detective that despite his alchoholism manges to still be "good police". Kind of like this beer. Despite it's faults and muddiness still manages to be good beer. Plus both are Irish, what can we say it was easy.

Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA- 9 % abv. Made with some hybrid hop by the name of Simcoe this IPA ends up tasting the most un-IPA in the bunch. It seems that the beer is a little murky and doesn't know quite what it wants to be there's strong malt presence, and someone mentioned that it tasted like carmel candy apples.

Kima Greggs- The kick-ass lesbian cop on the wire. Kima creates a hybrid character slowly morphing into a dark grumbly old man while still remaining a likable character. A little musty and sweet like the beer but packs a punch that they don't want to mess around with.

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