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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Megalopolis Snow" and some braised pork belly...

Expecting some crazy 20 inch snow storm that may force hibernation for days -we wanted some delicious comfort food that would keep us nice and full. So we decided to braise some pork belly. Full of luscious fat and some oh-so-tender swine, it seemed like the perfect food to keep us sustained and survive the upcoming blizzard of 2010. We had got the pork belly at the Pawtucket's winter farmer's market the week before and seemed like the perfect day to attempt to cook it since we thought there was going to be nothing to do (but go sledding).

We sit patiently, waiting hours for fat to render and snow to fall, all while sipping on some delicious '08 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. AH! Life is grand!

p.s. We only got 3 wimpy inches of snow, hardly enough to make driving difficult. Good thing our bellies were full of pork belly and apple/onion slaw, otherwise the meteorologists would have had a few more enemies to deal with.

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