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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saving those bills $$$$$

Restaurant.com just may be my unexpected new best friend. Although limited in selection and quite standard, there are still some gems to be found amongst the mundane chains. Looking online the other day I found that the the gift certificates that were already cheap for we now going for 80% off the discounted price! Let's face it. Winter is cold. There is not much going on, and you want to be inside a heated building in which you are not paying the bill to heat. Quick fix: go out to eat. There are no winter blues that can combat the amazing effects of a few yummy cocktails and a tasty morsel at your disposal. So here's the booty i acquired during this amazing deal:
Rue De L'Espoir $25 G.C. for $2.50!
Julian's $25 G.C. for $3.00!
United BBQ $10 G.C. for $0.80!
Pho Paradise $10 G.C. for $0.80!

Total: $7.10

I swear I don't work for restaurant.com! This deal is just too awesome to pass up! There are also $50 G.C.'s for $4, so I may have to pay another visit before the deal expires!! 

*SIDENOTE- As Luke works in the food industry as a server, he offers another opinion about this crazy cheap madness. Many not-so-generous people out there do not tip well when leaving these printed out coupons, and the restaurants/servers miss out on a lot of cash money$$$$(Although he can't complain after a great night out using one of these coupons!) What can we say, it's a love hate thing..but totally worth it all the while.

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